Monday, January 29, 2007

Modest Expectations

Class canceled! Jubilation reigns among the youth!

I tend to be disappointed when I get this excited about anything, but I have to say that I'm pretty excited about this. Modest Mouse album in two months, their first as Big Rock Stars, and there's a new guy in the band. Some English dude, maybe you've heard of him. Johnny Marr?

I mean, Johnny Marr, for feck's sake. It's like getting Hendrix to come back, or having Jesus as your shortstop. Never mind that you can't really remember anything he's played on in twenty years (Marr, not Jesus.) It just doesn't matter! "This Charming Man!" "What Difference Does It Make!" Gaaah!

(Also, that guy from the Shins apparently sings on it, so it's sure to change your life.)


david james keaton said...

so i bought War with the Mystics after reading your review and even though i'm sad to find out it's not about the Dark Crystal, i do like his new falsetto voice on this one instead of that Mercury Rev/Frodo-the-Nine-Finger one. i don't have the robot cd, just have "the softest bullet ever shot," so i don't know if he sang like this on that one, too. that bug double feature in the middle of their first cd is gonna be real hard to top. and i splurged on the 5.1 version since this band cries out for that kind of surround sound maddness and i just optimized (turn right-side up) my speakers.

anyway, haven't listened to the whole thing BUT because of yer hype, i'm skipping forward and pushing play on song 11...

hey, email me your address again. i lost it and need to mail you some somethings.

oh. spooky. i like this song. didn't expect it to sound like that after that title.

nick said...

Don't get too worked up about Mr. Marr. I went to see him when his album Boomslang came out. He seemed so bored and kind of irritated that every kid (I was 26 at the time)wasn't crying or having a seizure. I hope he was phoning it in because it was The Magic Stick in mid-winter. I was ready to go when they got onstage, but as soon as I saw Johnny chewing gum while singing I fell of the groove wagon and couldn't run fast enough to hop back on. It is still nice to see him trying, but I just don't expect him to regain his glorious Smiths form